Help to use the scraper's click action before scraping

I am trying to actually do a job with the scrapper but in my case i have to click into to open the info I need to scrape and automate the click going forwrd to open the new prospect and scrape the date

All your steps look correct to me. It might be the container selector as your issue, but I’m unable to determine that without looking at the HTML of the website and trial/error with Bardeen’s scraper. It appears I can’t do that without login information on the ProReferral website. If you are comfortable sharing your login information, I’ll be happy to take a peek at this use case for you.

To nail down where the issue is, I would first start by showing your results for each Scraper action in your automation and check the results after running:

Thank you for your help! I will share with you the log info without a problem, my trial is almost finished and I would love to subscribe with Bardeen, I just need to make sure way I am trying to do I doable.

I want to do with the potential tab

Thank you!

Could you please share your automation too?

I was able to return the first ten links via this automation:

Please note for the “scrape data in the background” step, I did not input a number of items and I added a 2 second delay:

Sculling and Scraping - Watch Video

In this video, I demonstrate how to scrape data using a scrapper tool. I start by explaining the process step by step, including how to grab a template and create a list. I also show how to scrape the background and use the activity tab. Throughout the video, I provide helpful tips and tricks to make the scraping process easier. Watch the video to learn how to scrape data effectively and efficiently.

And this is the automation link: Shared Playbook Template



Love the intention going all the way :100:

Yet, let’s not ask for login info though, this is private info that can be sensitive posted out there.

For information like this I’d advise using the chatt or mail features of the community instead :slight_smile:

@ifixithandymannyc I noticed you shared email and phone information as well. I’ve removed it.

I don’r recommend sharing these in public :sweat_smile:

On your case,

The video you shared appears like an image.

I’ve checked the automation link, it seems well built.

It could be an issue on the scraper. You can test by toggling on “show results” from both steps and testing how many items it returns.

yes, I pretty much used the scraper a couple of times with success but in this case is proving to be challenging, I would love to get some real-time feedback, that account is just a lead account there is no “private info” there, my trial is about to end and this is the most pivotal task I need to do, and I want to make sure that is doable before I can sing up with paid subscription

The use-case certainly seems possible, it just requires edition of the scraper.

I can connect you with @Chris so he can give advise and help you upgrade Bardeen :smile:

After that, we also have introduced custom consulting if you’re interested, as you can see on our Pricing page Pricing |

Yet, if what you need to do is particularly refining the scraper, you might need some CSS editing to fix it.

We recently did 2 workshops teaching about these topics if you want to learn:

Or you can also search for help on :briefcase: Jobs and Gigs (and have bardeen users reach out).

A last option you can consider is sharing the HTML of the page where the scraper is not working, as well as the specific fields you need and we might be able to get @dan 's help to check the css selectors needed here. Yet, we can’t promise the response will come quickly, since this is a very custom case.

I really want to get this going, I also want to understand the process for my own sake being that I have been trying for all 14 days of the trial, now I fell is my own personal Vendetta to try to get it right

I hear you! I feel your frustration, I’ve been there :frowning:

Unfortunately, some pages are trickier to scrape than others, since all pages vary!

I’m sure there’s other valuable use-cases for automation for your case as well.

A last option you can consider is sharing the HTML of the page where the scraper is not working, as well as the specific fields you need and we might be able to get @dan 's help to check the css selectors needed here

Maybe try any of the options I’ve shared! :slight_smile:

Just want to share with you the outcome of the communication I had with your colleague Christopher Vigllieta.

Hey Alfonso,

I think we already covered the issues with you automation:

  1. Active tab scraping expects that you do not switch the focus from the tab. You might want to wait for the automation to complete on the active tab, otherwise you can use Background scraping action.

  2. It seems like the list you are trying to scrape is a scrollable list, to scroll while scraping please you might want to setup pagination you can do it from the scraper UI

If you’d like us to build this automation for you, you can submit payment here:


I’m extremely disappointed with the customer service. Had I been able to resolve the issue myself, I wouldn’t have sought assistance. It was particularly unprofessional to cancel our scheduled meeting at the eleventh hour, essentially holding me ransom for payment to proceed with automation. I chose this application to understand its functionality and apply it in my daily operations. This certainly doesn’t seem like a reliable way to conduct business.

We’re deeply sorry about your experience, this was a miscommunication between us.

We reached back and will help support your case in a custom call.

Please, though, consider we need additional details to support your case.

Since this is a webapp with a login, and we don’t really have the link… we can’t really help refine with your scraper in any way.

You can share us by go to the page, click on save as HTML, and share the HTML. We will need you to specify the fields or list you want.

Or we can go over it on the call.

Based on the login details provided we manage to re-do your automation succesfully.

Unsure what was the issue, since the deep scraping flow worked as expected. No css selectors were required.


Hope this helps and good luck on the call!

Quality Pros For A Better Home | Pro Referral - 20 October 2023 - Watch Video

Hi Afonso! I kept working on it and got the two models to work and the playbook with a delay in the background scraper. However, I ran into issues once I went beyond batches on 100. So let’s keep our call with Manvel on Monday and see if we can find a way to scrape more at a time. Have a great weekend!

This is the step by step guide which is now updated to include the scraper model steps. In case you want to run it over the weekend.

Here is the playbook

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