YouTube scraping playlists instead of 1 YouTube video

I want to scrape all videos links from a playlist and then just get them each summarized by chatgpt 4 (i have a subscription). And then return the title, summary, video link in Google sheet. Is this even possible?

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This is absolutely possible with Bardeen. Here’s an automation that will accomplish it for you:

Here’s the Google Sheet to see end results:

Essentially we’re scraping the video links from the YouTube playlist (For example: Money Club - YouTube) and creating a YouTube Transcript - link for each video to scrape the transcript from and inputting it into Chat GPT for a summary. As a final step adding them into a GSheet.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information.
I hope this helps!
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ah i see what I have done wrong now. However how can i customize this to get the link from current page instead of this preset playlist link. the only option i see is that it asks everytime for a link not the get from current page.

  • Just switch out the first action with “Scrape data on active tab” and make sure to execute it from the focused/selected browser tab
  • Please note you may have to create your own list scraper template

Do I really need to create a new template for each playlist i want to scrape. And also edit the whole add rows to Google sheet thing is kinda tedious. Is there not a way to make this simpler for multiple playlists

No, this is a one time thing.

I’m not certain what you mean here. If you want to scrape multiple playlists at once, there’s more tweaking to the automation that needs to be done.

Per the below, you’ve mentioned you want to run it on the current page so this requirement is conflicting.

I dont seem to get how, because if i mention a previous used template scraper it will bring up the previous playlist too. Or does that not matter and it will use just the chosen things in the template for the other link given.

And about the conflicting information, sorry about that, I was talking about the excel sheet. But I have found a fix so this is okay now.

Correct, that does not matter. A scraper template is just that, it will scrape the things you tell it to off of any link as long as that link has the same html structure behind it.

Aaaaa, i have everything setup right. However I keep getting stuck until 25% on the running merge text using text https youtube transcript etc.

Stuck? This automation may take a while to execute so please be patient.

Oh well, i did try to wait until over night however it game the error that there is no data in the sheet. Which is weird since i have run it just fine with a playlist of 2 videos as a test.

Could you please share your automation and the link to the playlist you are trying to scrape from?

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