YouTube Bardeen Transcript Template Failing

Im trying to run just the existing template in Bardeen for YouTube transcripts but it returns no results. Ideally, i want to scrape the transcripts (including timestamps, so that other site doesnt work) and some other meta data on the page (title & click → description + timestamp), so i first tried to extend this before realizing the initial transcript attempt was failing

it looks like the template only works once you manually open up the the transcript. im looking to scrape several thousand transcripts plus future ones, so manually opening them up each time isnt a great path

Hi @craig.doriot,

The best way to get the transcription from a YouTube Video through Bardeen is using the below site:

If you’re looking to scrape multiple YouTube Videos through Bardeen, the best way to accomplish this is through the following steps:

  1. Build your URLs in a Google Sheet in the following format:
  2. Scrape these URLs using the “YouTube transcript (by Bardeen)” scraper template to get the Transcript for each video.

I hope this helps!
Thank you,

Thanks Jess,

The issue i have is that i need the actual video timestamps and not simply the transcript text. I see in that youtubetranscripts page, that you can get the timestamps as an element of the js click, but I dont understand how to extract that value. Ive been watching the advanced tutorials and, in addition to the significant interface changes from the video, I cant seem to find one that covers that detail or really explains well some of the deeper issues I need to learn to build it.

ahh, i found it… i didnt realize there was a tag “attribute” area. I think bardeen could be a lot more useful if there was some “building block” videos… too many promotional videos but would be helpful to break down the content into small chunks that covers each topic, like covering various panels and all their features… i found some answers buried within the advanced tutorials now, but that took sitting through 3 hours of content. A lot of that information could be pulled out and placed into 5 to 10 minute videos covering each topic.

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I’m glad you were able to find it!

I agree with you and have advocated for this in the past/will continue.

It’s also difficult for them as a startup with only about 30 employees, they are shifting their focus/marketing to organizations instead of individuals.

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im not sure how much time you get stuck doing one-offs to fix problems, but that cant be scalable if it eats up developers. but if you give us the info in a way we can access it, would clear a lot of this. There are a number of secret quirks in the workflow that make it challenging in places and requires some special knowledge of how the system works.

I agree.

I don’t work for Bardeen, just a brand ambassador for them.

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