YouTube Transcript

During the Bardeen Workout, we explored an automation technique that allows us to extract transcripts from multiple YouTube videos on a profile’s videos page. By sending these transcripts as prompts to GPT, we can generate summaries, gather ideas for new videos, or explore limitless possibilities. I encourage you to experiment with this method and share your findings.

It’s worth noting that the current implementation saves the output to a Doc file. If desired, you can replace that action at the end to save the generated content to your preferred database.

In the provided resources, you will find Four books.

  1. One of them utilizes a background scraper. - Click here to get the book
  2. While another book doesn’t rely on a scraper action. - Click here to get the book
  3. Additionally, there is a book that allows you to obtain the transcript for the video you are currently viewing, instead of extracting transcripts from multiple videos. - Click here to get the book
  4. Number four is using a right click context menu. Please note that this means that you cannot use a different prompt every time. - Click here to get the book

Here is a channel and a video you can test the automation