Transcribe all videos on a YouTube channel into a Google Doc

Hi team,
I am attempting to create an automation that transcribes all videos on a YouTube channel into a Google Doc.
Not having much luck - any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Patrick! Great question! Here is a link to a previous post where we discuss how to accomplish this

Happy automating!

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Hi Lucy,
I actually found this page and tried the first two books yesterday but couldn’t get either of them to work for me.

Your last command returned no results

I tried them again just now and got the same response.

I did manage to get a response with this prompt…

Transcribe all videos on into a Google Doc. Create new Google Doc with name ai youtube 4.

But it was not a transcription. When I read the Google Doc it was just a weird summary of a handful of videos. Definitely not transcriptions and nowhere near all the videos.

Not sure what’s up.
The channel I want transcriptions from is…

I’m happy for all transcription to go into one Google doc.

Hope we can get this working and really appreciate your support!

Hi @Bardeeni, any update on this one? I still can’t get it working and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Thanks.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for following up! After closer inspection, it seems that the reason our YouTube transcript scraper doesn’t work is because the button to access transcripts has changed locations on the platforms. This makes far harder for Bardeen to consistently return the results you require. I’ve escalated this issue to our engineering team and we will take a closer look at how we can get the information you require from YouTube. Thank you for your patience!


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Oh ok, thanks Omansh,
Yes, please do keep me in the loop on this.

Hi Omansh,
Any update on this one…?

Hi Patrick,

Our engineering team is still working on resolving the following issue. I will be sure to reach out to you as soon as we have made significant progress and it has been reflected in Bardeen’s software. Until then, I’d be happy to help you with any other playbooks which you require assistance. Thank you so much for your patience!


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Understand Omansh,
Thanks for the update.
Yes, please keep me in the loop with any progress.