Copy a link from a source and paste it into a field on a webpage to Then scrape the data?

Hey guys,

New to Bardeen today.

  • Get individual video links from a YouTube playlist link and create a sheet with the name of the playlist (DONE).

  • Would like to copy those video links from Sheets into a web-page’s field to generate the transcript from the videos one after the other. Using this site:
    Q: is it possible to open a site, mark what field to enter data and get it from a source of coise like a sheet in this case?

  • Then I would automate the scraping ot the outputted result (the transcript).

  • And save that transcript to Notion.

I would then import that transcript to my personal knowledge management system and further work with that data.

Really hope this is possible with Bardeen.

Best regards

Have a look at this post

Thank you. Found that the other day and have been testing it out a few times. Works great.

I’ve only been able to do one video at a time though.

Is it possible to do a playlist? Or maybe have a autobook to right-click and save all video links from playlist to a sheet and have another autobook or playbook to auto run transcription on new links to that sheet?

It can be done for sure. Use Get table and than a background scraper for the transcript and update the sheet with the results

If you would like me to do the automation for you or want live help book an appointment here

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