Scrape youtube video

hello is it possible to scrapp and extract a private video from youtube and record this video to my computer ?

Hi @JordanL ,

Unfortunately, Bardeen is not able to download videos to your computer. However, it can scrape the content of the video from the transcript and even summarize it for you.

Check out our list of Youtube integrations and pre-built playbooks here

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ok can i scrapp the audio or transcript of a private video in a private course plateform need authentification ?

Our current video transcript playbook only works with Youtube. However, if the private course platform has a transcription feature and you have access to the platform, Bardeen might be able to scrape that.

At this point Bardeen isn’t able to download the audio but it can scrape transcripts if available on the platform.

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so its possible to scrap youtube video and record it to my computer but not video from private plateform ?

Hey @JordanL ,

Yea it is possible to scrape youtube videos but only the transcript (text) of the video. Unfortunately, it is not able to record the actual video and save it on your computer.

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