Zoom Meeting --> Otter.ai Transcript --> ChatGPT?


I have meetings through Zoom. I transcribe them via Otter.ai and would like to export the transcript to ChatGPT so that they can be cleaned up.

Is that possible? If so, please tell me how.

Thank you

Hi Raza,

Thanks for reaching out. We can access Zoom transcripts direction and can summarize/clean it up using Bardeen actions without needing an integration with Otter.ai. Can you provide more details on how you would like to “clean up” the transcript? Do you have an example that we can use to inform the model? Where would you like to store the results?

I can help you build this automation once we get this info back from you.


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Thank you!

Step 1). I use Zoom for my meetings and I have it connected to Otter.ai to transcribe the notes. I don’t need to use Otter if you suggest that I use Zoom transcripts.

Step 2). I want the transcript to be “cleaned up” using the following instructions: “You’re my note taking virtual assistant. Please clean up these notes that I took from a call with my client. Please include bullet points of actionable insights at the end” I was manually using ChatGPT to do this and would like to be able to do the same

Step 3). I want the “cleaned up” notes to be put into a Google Doc

Thank you


Hey @rimam1,

I have created an autobook (a playbook that runs automatically) that will watch for zoom cloud recordings, and whenever one becomes available will clean up the transcript, extract action items and add everything into a google doc.

When you activate the plabyook it is going to ask you for a folder in which to create meeting docs. You can tweak and tune the prompt in the Bardeen Builder, but this playbook should work as is:

Please let me know if you have any other issues.


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