Using to ChatGPT to solve questions from websites

I need a playbook that does the following:

  1. Open a list of URLs from a column on Google Sheets.
  2. Read the HTML of the Website.
  3. Prompt Chatgpt to answer a question based on the HTML.
  4. Update ChatGpt answer into a column on the same row.

Repeat for a list.

Hi. Try prompting the Magic Box (Bardeen’s search box) for that expected automation.

It’s definitely possible.

Something like

"Get url column from google sheets, then get the HTMLs of those urls and extract text. Then answer a custom question for that text using AI. Finally, update the google sheet rows with the results "

That prompt didn’t work but I did manage to get it done. Thank you though!

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How did you get it done? Can you share it?

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It just worked pretty well to me :thinking:, did you get any errors?

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