How to use Bardeen as a ChatGPT plugin?

Using plugins in ChatGPT 4 I do the following:

  • I use the web plugin and a read plugin to get information from a url.
  • I ask it to organize information in a certain format in a table.

then I want to use Bardeen to fill a ready Google sheet with that information.
So I have the sheet ready with the right columns.

What is the prompt to use to copy info from ChatGPT to an already existing Google Sheet?

So I have the Google Sheet with the right columns ready
And I have the right prompt to get info in ChatGPT in a table with the same columns.
How do I use the Bardeen plugin to automatically get the info from the table to the GoogleSheet?

Hi @erwblo, here’s a tutorial on how to use Bardeen ChatGPT plugin

You can use Bardeen to build an automation that will get data from certain urls in the background and save them in a google sheet.

The output of Bardeen Plugin will always be a automation you can try to run, but won’t do the action directly from CHATGPT.

If you can share your chatgpt conversation we might be able to see how we can get this use-case to work though our plugin (or just manually support you!)

Tagging @gcampax here too

Thanks! This is the prompt I use in ChatGPT. The output is a table. Now I copy the input of the table by hand to a Google Sheet. I would love to do that automated with Bardeen. I hope that is possible!

You are a specialist in sports, tech and innovation. You are very creative and very analytical. After giving you a url I want you to do the following things;

  1. Title: make a good and inviting title based on the article.

  2. Subtitle: make a good subtitle in which you explain how the information in the article could relate to sports. Start the subtitle with: ‘Opportunity:’ If you don’t see an opportunity leave it empty.

  3. Summary: make a brief summary of the shared article (url).

  4. Lessons: what are the lessons that can be learned by the world of sports from this article

  5. Impact: write a paragraph about how the information in the article could have impact on the world of sports and innovation. Think creatively. If you don’t see impact leave empty.

  6. Idea: analysing the article, do you see opportunities? Could this lead to a product or a startup in sports? If so, explain how, come up with a brief description and use this format: [Name] solves the problem of [PROBLEM] for [TARGET AUDIENCE] by [SOLUTION}. Think out of the box. If not, don’t say a word.

  7. Name idea: based on the opportunity you see, come up with a name for the possible product or startup. Be creative. Think out of the box. If you see no opportunity don’t give a name.

  8. Ranking. Rank it 1 to 5 stars on how relevant it is to the world of sports and innovation. Only give a number.

  9. Tags: add tags

  10. URL: add url. Don’t make a link, only give the url.

  11. Put 1 to 10 in a table with the columns |title|subtitle|summary|lessons|impact|idea|name idea|ranking|tags|url|

Don’t use " around sentences

Do you understand? If so I will start sharing urls.

See part of the output:

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