Copy Notion database text and paste it in ChatGPT 4 in a particular Chat of Chatgpt with a customized Prompt

Hey, I am new here and I am trying to decide if I will subscribe to Bardeen!

What I want to do is:

  1. I have a database in notion with two colums, Let’s call them A and B, what i want to do is to Bardeen to copy the text from A1 and B1 and paste it on a Customized Prompt in chatgpt. (If it cant be done in Notion but it can be done in Google Sheets or other database tool please inform me)

  2. I have a chat inside chatgpt that is already set to give me the type of text that I want by giving the text from A1 and A2, I want bardeen to enter this prompt in this specific chat, can it do this?

  3. Than I want Bardeen to copy some parts of this text that ChatGPT will generate and paste it in other sites like Youtube and invideoAI, can I set Bardeen to open specific websites and paste these texts inside the websites?

Hi @leolamonatto, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

Here’s my feedback/recommendations:

  1. This is possible through either Notion or Google Sheets
  2. Bardeen uses it’s own account for Chat GPT so you won’t be able to use your own account with this specific chat. BUT you can enter all of the context and details necessary that you’ve already provided in the specific chat inside of the prompt into the automation inside of Bardeen.

I just created this playbook that I believe you could accomplish numbers 1 and 2 from:

As for #3, You’ll need to make sure you are on the latest version of Bardeen 2.32.0(released yesterday). Then you need to parse out the “some parts of the text generated from Chat GPT” and create a dynamic input scraper to complete the goal.

I hope this helps!
Thank you,

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