Text message status stuck in queued

I have it set up when I get an email from a specific email address it sends me a text message. It is firing but I am not getting a text. The status says “queued”. How do I get it to work? It worked when I tested it but not now.

Hi @kent, I believe this is still an outstanding bug per the below post: SMS Message Doesn't Send When Combined with Other Actions

There is no other action. I have two set up and neither are working.

  1. If I receive an email from norreply@smartvestor.com, send a text to 504-220-0947


  1. If I receive a starred email, send a text to 504-220-0947

Both are not sending texts. They did work originally. So, I do not think this is a bug.

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Hi Kent! Can you share a link to your playbook so we can help troubleshoot?


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I want a text if I get an email from noreply@smartvestor.com

or if the email is starred

Hi Kent,

I’ve taken a close look at your playbooks and tried recreating the issue on my end. I am successfully getting texts but like you said, they seemed to stop later. Have you ensured both of the playbooks are consistently turned on even though it shows up with the “pending” message? If so, could you please send me a screen recording of you recreating the issue on your end. Thank you!


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