Whatsapp automation does not working

Hello Bardeen,

I’m facing an issue when switching from testing mode to automation mode on the WhatsApp application. In testing mode, my messages are sent successfully, but when transitioning to automation mode, the messages aren’t being sent. Could you please look into this and help me resolve the issue?

Hey @nanvinafo!

Can you explain what you mean by “automation” and “testing mode”?

I’m guessing you mean playbook (you run on click) and autobooks (runs on trigger)?

Seems weird that messages are not being sent, which trigger are you using on your autobook?

Also, have you authenticated the chat on whatsapp by writing back to the bot?

We’ll need some additional details like:

  • Version of Bardeen
  • Automation link
  • Do you see any errors? Seems to be in delivery status “queued”

Seeing the image, seems like you’re sending messages to a phone number that’s different from the sender.

Consider that Bardeen can only send messages to authenticated whatsapp conversations.

To authenticate you have to write a text to Bardeen’s number, as the error shows.

So if you’re writing to another person, it won’t work.

This being said, the whatsapp integration is mostly usefull to text yourself.

Here’s an example:

here is the copy of autobook:

when i do testing, message send and received fine,
but for repeat sending it does not run.
please check

i use bardeen extention, so i guess it is current version

I test for my phone, and my wife phone,

Also, have you authenticated the chat on whatsapp by writing back to the bot? Yes i did

as i mentioned earlier, when run first time, message send ok,
and after that, day after , autobook also run, but message queued

Description of the issue:

For example: I tried to run automation - email received, OpenAI summarize , whatsapp send message

Error message (if applicable): Delivery Status: queued

Please paste the error message below:

Time sent: Wednesday, Sep 13th 2023 13:42:53

From: Whatsapp: +17072672626

To: Whatsapp: +84908353333

Body: The text is a letter or notification from a company called “Chi Nhánh Công Ty Cổ Phần Tư Vấn Và Giáo Dục Quốc Tế Việt Nam Singapore Tại Cần Thơ” to its customers. The letter provides information about an e-invoice and instructs the customers on how to access and retrieve the invoice details. The letter includes the following information about the e-invoice: - Invoice Number: 931 - Serial Number: C23TCT - Invoice Form: 1 To access the invoice details, customers are instructed to visit the link provided: https://einvoice.fast.com.vn. They need to enter the secure key or search code, which is either “AQAAAC8PgQnibfD/COMGYr2rWc5S70MxTHty1tzO7fsN+J32RV8MJoNgxjA=001010” or “S2 09D 4CF 08V”. The code is not case-sensitive and does not require whitespace. Additionally, the letter provides two options for customers: 1. To view the printable file of the e-invoice, they can click on a specific link. 2. To download the XML file containing the e-invoice information, they can click on another link. The purpose of the letter is to inform customers about their e-invoice and provide them with instructions on how to access and retrieve the invoice details. sent automatically by Bardeen.ai

Delivery Status: queued

Steps to reproduce this issue:

Please provide a detailed account of the steps taken to encounter the issue. Where did you start? What actions did you perform? Where did you encounter the error?

Bardeen version: ____Version


Apologies for the delayed response! Our team is on it and I’ll circle back shortly with an update. Thanks for your patience!

Did you send the message to the same number you autenticated?

We’ll check on this issue and report it, thanks!

Yes ,

Vào Th 6, 15 thg 9, 2023 lúc 05:07 Ivan David Escobar via Bardeen Community <notifications@bardeen.discoursemail.com> đã viết:

When I first ran the auto book message, I received it, but after that, I didn’t receive any more messages. When I checked, it showed the message as “queued.” Upon checking, I found that there were no errors from the email summarize OpenAI. The issue seems to be that the Bardeen bot is not sending the message. I think the problem may lie in the connection of the WhatsApp bot.

Vào Th 6, 15 thg 9, 2023 lúc 08:38 Nan Nguyen <nanvinafo@gmail.com> đã viết:

Checking the last error message seems you’re sending the message from your own number to a different number.

This won’t work since the other number ( +84908353333) will need to write to Bardeen first to authenticate. Then you can only write that number (the authenticated one).

This means you can’t really send mass messages to your clients or other people, only to yourself (if you follow the steps of writing to Bardeen first).

That’s a limitation we can’t change right now unfortunately.

That’s the reason it’s not working.

The phone 84908353333 already write to Bardeen first to authenticate.
As I mentioned earlier, the first time run auto book every things work fine.
But after that, it also run but message queued

Vào Th 7, 16 thg 9, 2023 lúc 01:37 Ivan David Escobar via Bardeen Community <notifications@bardeen.discoursemail.com> đã viết:

Updated so I’m more clear

Most likely, you can only text yourself :frowning_face:

Unless the number you’re sending the mesage to writes to Bardeen first


We looked into this, and there’s not much we can actually do. That’s how WhatsApp works. You have to send a message to the number every 24 hours, otherwise it won’t let you send more messages. Telegram is the same way. Messengers do this to avoid spam. A more reliable way of delivering messages is SMS that we also support.

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