Productivity Hack ⚡ - Get your events daily on Whatsapp [2-min to setup⌛]

A [2-min :hourglass: ] automation you can try RIGHT NOW! :facepunch:

Here’s how to automatically get your calendar events every day, directly on Whatsapp.
Get events from calendar to Whatsapp every day


1/ Download the Bardeen extension.

2/ Save the 2 automations.

Playbook - Get today’s meetings on Whatsapp

Autobook - Everyday at 8am get your meetings on whatsapp: Shared Playbook | Bardeen

3/ Before running them :warning:, make sure to write to Bardeen bot: +1 (707) 267-2626

Or through this link Share on WhatsApp

It’ll authenticate the integration.

4/ Connect your calendar account - takes 20 sec

5/ Run the automations!

You’ll only need to input your phone number.

You’ll get this lovely message on your day’s meetings, with the time and link.


How would you improve it? :smiley: