Automated process help

Hi all, I’m looking to automate a process that will help me send out WhatsApp messages using the web for numbers not saved in my phone…

I have a staffing business and I don’t want to have to enter everyones phone number in my phone before texting them.

I can use the WhatsApp link to pull the number up in WhatsApp desktop App to get around this. Share on WhatsApp

I’d like to build an automation that does the following;

Using Bardeen,

  1. When I right click on a phone number on a webpage (my recruitment manager is online) it copy/pastes it to a google sheets in Cell A1.
  2. I will then have a formula in B2 in order to combine that number with the website link above.
  3. I then want Bardeen to wait 2 seconds, and take the link from B2 and open in a new webpage.

The result of this would be, I see a number I want to text. I right mouse click it and select ‘save to text’, 2-3 seconds later it should then pop up WhatsApp desktop with the number ready for me to text.

Ideally if I do this again, I want it to ‘update’ google sheets and replace the old number.

Can anyone help with this please?

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