SMS Message Doesn't Send When Combined with Other Actions

Description of the issue:

SMS Message stuck in “queued” delivery status and never sends. It appears to only not work when the auto/playbook has more than one action.

Error message (if applicable):

Please paste the error message below:

Steps to reproduce this issue:

This error was initially reported in 2.24; Artem mentioned it would be fixed in a minor hotfix after 2.25.0. Simply just running the autobook will result in reproducing the issue. One action playbook does send the message:

Bardeen version: 2.26.0
Link to Playbook or Autobook (if applicable):

Hey Jess! Thank you so much for reporting this issue and providing all the details.

I’ve reported this issue about the SMS message getting stuck in the “queued” status when combined with other actions, and I hope to get updates soon!

We’ll keep you updated on the progress.

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Hi Jess,
Thanks for the report and sorry for the delay getting back to you.

I tested your autobook (changing the phone number), and while indeed the SMS is listed as “queued” in the activities dropdown, the SMS was indeed delivered to my phone. Perhaps there was another error in the autobook that prevented delivery of the SMS?

Hi @gcampax - I don’t know what the issue is as I’ve reported the bug haha. I’ve just retried and still no text. Here’s my execution:

Are you getting any other texts from Bardeen? Perhaps you accidentally blocked Bardeen’s phone number?

And does it work with a playbook (not an autobook) with two or more actions? Does it show the right delivery status?

@gcampax I get texts from Bardeen on other playbooks; the number is not blocked on my end.

Confirmed it works on this playbook with three actions total.

Looks like it stays in a queued status, but I have received the text:

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This is completely and utterly baffling, there should be no difference between sending a message with a playbook or with an autobook. We’ll investigate and see if we can find the problem.

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@gcampax - any updates?

Sorry, no updates on this yet. I’ll let you know when we have any news.

I have the same problem

ry Status: queued

@nanvinafo - yours is different as it’s using WhatsApp, not Text Message. Could you please submit a separate post bug in :lady_beetle: Report an issue ?

Thank you!

@gcampax - any updates on this one?

This is still on our backlog for fixes, no updates yet.

Any updates on this?