How to send automatic Support responses with Gmail

Hi all! I wanted to show off my super-duper cool support automation. As someone working in support, this proves to be useful automation!

This is a support-oriented playbook designed to promptly notify me of any incoming emails in the support inbox. The process commences when an email with the subject line “Support” meets the specified criteria. To achieve this, OpenAI’s Outreach template is leveraged, with the topic “Thanks for reaching out to Bardeen Support,” ensuring a courteous response to the customer. The generated text from OpenAI is then used to reply to the email, and simultaneously, I receive a text message at my designated phone number to alert me of the new support request.

Moreover, the automation provides two distinct messages, depending on its outcome:

  1. The automation was successful. (if it goes through)
  2. The automation was not successful. (if it fails)

The primary objective of this automation is to promptly inform someone of a new support request, ensuring we’re adhering to our SLA agreements! This is something that’s very important in the support world :slight_smile:

Hope this makes sense and please let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

Hey Viraj! Thanks for sharing such an impressive use-case for support!

Sounds like a great way to leverage AI to send autoresponses to customers.

Receiving a a text message alert for new support requests is a brilliant addition.

Would you be able to share the automation link or how to run it with the community?

Keep up the awesome work and let me know if you need any assistance! :blush: