How to draft a reply email with ChatGPT but not actually send it automatically

Hi all! I’m struggling with finding the right action for this workflow. I want to create a draft email response with ChatGPT to reply to the email on the current page but don’t send it automatically.

So far if I use the “create email” action, it will create a new email, not a reply to an existing email. If I use the “reply to email” action it will reply to the existing email, but it send the ChatGPT generate response automatically! I want to edit the response first. So I want a combination of these 2 actions.

Is there a way to do this?

Hi @dnguy642, Welcome to Bardeen! :slight_smile: Thank you for reaching out!

I don’t think this is yet possible in Bardeen, but it’s a great reason to share the idea for future implementation. @ivan

Allow users the option to draft a response to an email rather than sending within the “Reply to email” action.

This is the closest way how I would try creating the automation for your use case has the following actions:

  1. “Find Emails” - filter down to the email you’d like to respond to
  2. Chat GPT
  3. “Create Draft Email”

Thanks Jess! Good to know. I’ve already tried create draft email, but it spins up a new email, which is not what I’m looking for.

Great, thank you for confirming!

I’ve moved this post into the “Share an idea” category to allow Bardeen to consider for future implementation. Feel free to upvote it!