Creating a Reminder to send a follow-up email post-meeting

Created this super simple automation to create a follow-up reminder at the time an event starts. Helpful for those customer facing roles that have a hard time remembering which follow-ups you’ve sent at the end of the day.

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Amazing use case!! Thank you for sharing.

Hi Nate, welcome to Bardeen community and thanks for your contribution :smiley: :jammies:

Nice use-case! Just wondering why set it up 15 min after the call instead of maybe 30 min or 1 hr? This is a reminder to follow up right?

Idea for an evolution:
Generate an AI-Redacted email message for the call. This will be added into Gmail drafts and you’ll have a link with the drafted email on the email reminder (or just open the link automatically).

That way you end your meeting and already have an email almost ready to send. :smiley:

Made a draft for this evolution :ambassador_cat_jam: