Personalized emails using OpenAI - Using Video Instructions

Hello Bardeen Community,

I’ve been working on constructing my own playbook, using this video as my guide - How To Leverage AI For Outreach - YouTube

However, despite meticulously following the process outlined by Renat, the results are not aligning with my expectations. The draft email I receive seems unrelated to the initial prompt and the LinkedIn profile data.

Recently, you proposed a playbook having a similar functionality (Shared Playbook | Bardeen), but the manner in which the prompts process and actions are handled appears significantly divergent from the explanation in the video.

Considering the video is 5 months old, I am curious - Has the tool advanced rapidly to incorporate different methods for output generation? Or should the methods delineated by Renat still function as per the video’s instructions?

Hi @felixsavinop - Thank you for reaching out!

Could you please explain what results you are actually looking for and provide the results you are currently achieving with your playbook with the prompt you are using?

In the video, it appears Renat is required to input the Open AI Prompt:

Thanks Jess,

I am trying to achieve exactly the same results Renat shows in the video.

I am getting an email that has nothing to do with the prompt. I don’t even recognize where is taking the data from.

That’s why I want to find out if Renat’s video is outdated or should still work.


Could you please share your playbook and I’ll take a peek?

Looks like my trial period ended.

Is there a way to extend it?

I got the extended trial now :wink:

Here is the playbook - Shared Playbook | Bardeen

I removed the “Find email” step, as it’s not needed at the moment.

Hi Felix

The automation you mentioned is working.

Yet did notice that the prompt can be upgraded so the actual product or service is offered (@Brozturk )

You can improve it by modifying the playbook here:

Thank you @ivan and Felix. I’m upgrading the playbook so that the prompt is more clear and that it includes the service when creating the email.

Thanks guys!

The Bardeen playbook is working fine.

I am building the same automation by myself to practice and understand how each feature/application works. This way I can start building my own playbooks/autobooks.

This is the playbook that I created, following Renat’s video, but something is failing (Shared Playbook | Bardeen)

I removed the “find email” step, as it’s not needed at the moment.

It would be lovely to find out, what I did wrong on my playbook.


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Hey Felix! I just took a look at your playbook. My main concern there is that you are using a custom scraper. I would suggest you use an official scraper (ones that have “(by Bardeen)” in the name) as much as possible. The official scrapers are maintained by the dev team and are frequently tested against changes.

When I delete every action in your playbook, the scraper didn’t return any results for me.

That might be a reason your playbook isn’t working as expected.

In the future, if you want to make sure that your custom scraper is getting results, you can try to run a playbook with just the scraper action and observe if it is getting the information that you want. Once you can confirm that, you can add the following actions. That way, you can identify which step is causing problems for you more easily. Hope this helps!

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The scraper itself works well. I already tested it.

I also switched my scraper with Bardeen’s and it worked well. So absolutely you guys keep those scrapers updated to make them work better.

Thanks for your help!

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