BUG: create-ai-generated-job-application-email-draft-from-the-currently-opened-linkedin-job-post

I used the“ Create AI-generated job application from the currently opened LinkedIn job post“
playbook: https://www.bardeen.ai/playbooks/create-ai-generated-job-application-email-draft-from-the-currently-opened-linkedin-job-post

Entered my name and linke of my LinkedIn profile, as well the link of the job post at LinkedIn. There some bugs like: The Email is adressed to my name, a lot of parameters are not filled correctly like: Personalized Job Application for [Position] at [Company], in the [Position] role at [Company], as advertised on [Job Board/Company Website] and way more then that. The whole merger and personalfication didnt work out, it’s super generic.**

How come and what to do about it?

Hi @mchopan,

Thanks for reporting this. We are in the process of fixing these issues by introducing email bot functionality. It will allow to fine tune the email generation process according to your expectations and it will be able to match your style.

Meawhile you can adjust the existing playbook by going into the builder (click edit in builder) and modifying the template of the text generation template.

Please let us know in case you have more questions.


Hi Artem,

Thanks for you reply and glad to hear you working on it.
By when will be finished? And also will you then create a new playbook or will it be fixed in the existing on?

Also, how come it worked there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zotrpkGeXns

Since, I dont know the capacity and quality of Bardeen and this playbook is relevant for me I am wondering if when I invest time in editing it, if that that makes any sense, if not even a Pro User&employer can figure it out.

In order to get the result as given in the video of Bardeen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zotrpkGeXns and the playbook, what needs to be adjusted?

Thanks for you answer,


Thanks for flagging this bug. It looks like there is an issue with the playbook. Our engineers are working on fixing this playbook. I’ll be in touch once a new version has been released


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Thanks for your patience as we worked on this. We’ve revised this playbook and you can find it here:


Customer Support - bardeen.ai
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