Lead Enrichment HELP - GPT Sheets & Bardeen Automation


I am trying to streamline and automate my lead generation process.

Currently, I have the lead list with the doctor’s practice name and website. My goal is to scrape the lead doctor’s name in a practice (Dr. First Name and Last Name) and then generate a personalization about their practice based on other information that I have.

I have successfully scraped the Doctor’s name in ChatGPT using scraper.

Can someone help me automate the process to populate a Google Sheet with all the Doctor’s name in a respective column without having to manually go back and forth between ChatGPT and Google Sheets?

Thanks in advance,

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hey! sure, that should be easy to do with Bardeen!

how many leads are you trying to do this for?

how often?

Hey Chris - thanks for the response. To start, I want to test 50. Ultimately, I want to do this for thousands. Do you have advice on how to do this or can your team configure it for me please?

can you share your google sheet with me? feel free to send a DM

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Done. just sent and thank you!

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