need two quick playbooks

Hi, just need a couple quick playbooks:
1.- search google places for a store and scrape some info. do it for several store names on sheet.
2.- search tiktok for a text and scrape some info. do it for sevaral texts on sheet.

Seems easy but Im new and needed asap


Please give more specifications about the job, steps for each automation what is being scraped, where is the scrapped data going.

You can schedule a call here Calendly - Dan Fernandez

Hey, thanks for the prompt answer.

I will need several automations , dont know what yet, just discovering.

At this time I need a bulk job to enrich some sheets:
Get store name and address from a sheet
Search goggle places API for the store´s card
Scrape information from store´s card, like (rating, reviews, phone, hours, etc)

can you do that? how fast? and how much?