Need help scraping yelp

I’d be willing to pay $50 for someone to create a video creating the following custom automation to scape data from a specific tab into Google Spreadsheets

  1. Scape yelp data from an open tab

  2. Populate in google spreadsheet of column A, the links for each furniture store entry up to the maximum pages allowed

(for example Row 1 will be:
Row 2 will be:

  1. Open each link in Column A in background and start scraping the following data to populate the row of each furniture store.

Column B: Name (example: Nadeau - Furniture with a Soul)
Column C: Review (example: 4.2)
Column D: # of Reviews (example: 43 reviews)
Column E: Website (example:
Column F: Phone (example: (713) 942-9310)
Column G: Address (example: 1502 Durham Dr Houston, TX 77007)
Column H: Link to Photos (example: Photos for Nadeau - Furniture with a Soul - Yelp)

Column H is the “See all 54 photos” link

I will pay only the first reply so please check the reply before submitting the work.

Results need to be in a video so I can learn how to create the automation for myself.

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Hi @mpressusa, Welcome to the Bardeen community!

I can assist you with this, let me work on the automation and video delivery for you. Thank you for laying out the requirements.

Here’s my PayPal: PayPal.Me

Thank you - if you can do it 2 days I can certainly pay you for the job. Will pay once you simply take a screenshot of the result before you deliver the final video product.

Sure thing! I’m working on it right now and will get back to you with the delivery. Thank you!

Hi @mpressusa, please find the automation, video, and GSheet links for this use case below:

Please note the execution of the playbook took longer than the video shows as I paused throughout most of it. In total, it was probably around 40 minutes. Video - Furniture Stores in Houston TX from Yelp

Please note, there 240 rows that matches the total search results.

If you’re satisfied with the delivery, please find my PayPal here: Here’s my PayPal: PayPal.Me

Please let me know if you have any question or need more information.
Thank you,

Thank you Jess for working on this. I went ahead and issued the donation for your help!

I do have an issue though - it looks like the scraper is stuck partially. Is it because I have to open specific windows or have google spreadsheets open and have it as an active tab in order for the scraper to work?

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Thank you for your payment @mpressusa.

As mentioned above, it took about 40 minutes or so to actually fully run so please be patient. The google sheet will not be populated until the completion of the automation - this is normal behavior.

Just make sure you’re executing it properly while on the active tab to scrape and it will work.

I hope this helps!

Hi Jess,

I ran it for about an hr and half and it is still stuck.

I think there is an error somewhere after you scrape the 24 pages in the initial active tab. The spreadsheet doesn’t get populated at all and it looks like the scraper is opening 1 tab in the background but isn’t doing anything after that.

Is it because I need to have a spreadsheet named “Furniture Stores - Houston, TX” created prior to running? Thank you

Ahh, yes! Create the google sheet and name it whatever you like and provide the column headers as well. Then go into the automation and complete each input field on the last action.

Do you see any results in the history tab?

Hmm not sure why it is not working. It just gets stuck at the following step.

I tried recreating the steps at least 5 times already.

For this step it just opens a new tab in the background and the bottom right of the new tab shows “stop scrape”. It looks like it isn’t running on the tab I have open already?

That is normal behavior for the scrape data in the background step. It looks like it’s stuck, but it’s not.

The second step “scrape data in the background” is scraping from the urls that we scraped in the first action “scrape data on active tab”

I see in your video that after say 3-5 minutes it starts moving. I waited about 10 it is still not moving. I am pretty sure something is broken unfortunately

It’s not broken, I paused the video so it wouldn’t be a hour long just waiting for it to scrape. Just let it run and do its thing. Remember it is deep scraping 240 links with a 2 second delay in between each page load so it will take some time.

If you want to share your playbook with me, I’d be happy to take a double look to check its setup correctly.

Understood. I will keep it running for about 3 hrs and let you know! Thank you

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Good deal, thank you! I’ll be around

Hi Jess - Unfortunately I left it for 3 hrs and it is still stuck. My internet and computer CPU is very fast so it should not take this long. I am pretty sure something is not working correctly unfortunately. Can you please make the adjustment to scrape data in Dallas in a quick video please?

Or better yet if you can create based on just limited results like 20 in total instead of 240 that would be faster/easier to troubleshoot

I’ll be able to get back to you tomorrow

This is awesome!

Great way to use Bardeen’s forum :smiley:

This is precisely the point of this channel :raised_hands:

Lmk if you need Bardeen’s help with this case!

I would recommend running it on chunks if it’s a very large list.

Yet there isn’t much Jess can do in this case, if you’re scraping hundreds of rows at a time it might take time since Bardeen currently runs on your browser.

We’re soon releasing Cloud Supported automation which will solve this.

We have a beta for this going! This can be an opportunity to test them! (experimental)