Introducing our first "Always-On" triggers to keep your autobooks always running. Be a Beta Tester!

We’ve got some exciting news on a feature you’ve all been waiting for!

If you’re a Bardeen user you’ve probably noticed that Bardeen’s Autobook only run when you have your computer on.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our first public advancements on the “Always-On” capabilities of Bardeen, to keep your automations running while you sleep!

We’re looking for Bardeen advocates and beta users who want to try these features for the first time, with our guidance!

:warning: These features are not yet available to all our users. We’re in beta testing phase.

What does Always-On mean?

Always-On means that both the logic that triggers Autobooks, and the Autobooks themselves, run in the cloud, instead of on your local machine.

That means that you automation will run even if your computer is asleep.

No more waiting around for your automations to kick in – they’re as reliable as ever, even when you’re not there.

However, it’s essential to note that in the initial rollout of this feature, there are a few limitations:

Early limitations:

  1. Only specific “When” commands will run in the cloud.

  2. Only scrapers that can be run in incognito are available for now.

That means scraping websites behind a login wall, etc., are not yet possible.

Available “When” commands!

Currently, we have three commands that can run in the cloud, and they’re marked as premium :star: commands.

But don’t worry; our legacy “When” commands, which run locally, are still available for use.

1. When Airtable Table Changes

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 19.05.54

  • Autobooks using this When command will be triggered by changes to the respective Airtable table.

This command will trigger

  • The Schema of the Table
  • Created rows
  • Updated rows
  • Deleted rows

:thinking: We’d love to learn how you see yourself using this? Any use-cases in mind?

2. When Rows are Added to Google Sheet

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 19.05.48

  • Autobooks using this When command will be triggered when rows are added to the configured sheet.


  • Changes to existing rows are not yet supported.

:thinking: We’d love to learn how you see yourself using this? Any use-cases in mind?

3. When Zoom Recording is Available

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 19.05.41

  • Autobooks using this When command will trigger immediately when a Zoom Meeting’s recording files are available.

  • This command provides:

    • The list of Audio files
    • The list of Video files
    • The Transcript files
    • The list of all files (Audio, Video, Transcript, and potentially more)

:thinking: We’d love your input on how you’d want to filter this. For example, by meeting name, ID, or length? Your feedback matters!

Ready to Beta Test?

We’re on the lookout for beta testers to put the “Always-On” feature to the test. If you have a use-case in mind for these triggers, this is a great opportunity to try these automations for free and help us shape the feature of the product!

How to Join the Beta

If you’re eager to dive into the beta program, please reply to this thread with “Count me in!” and let us know which of the premium “When” commands you’re excited to explore.

We’ll reach out to you with further instructions and exclusive access.

Thank you for reading all the way here! We appreciate your thoughts, feedback or other expectations on this feature as well :pray:

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Count me in! I am keen to test the “When Rows are Added to Google Sheet: Activates when new rows are added to a Google Sheet” Premium “When” function. - Ryan

Count me in - please & thank you

Hello is the always run in the cloud feature available yet, without needing a computer? If so is there instructions on how to run?

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How to find cloud-supported triggers in Bardeen

Aka how you can run automations that run even when you’re asleep.

I’m aware you can now find these triggers with a :zap: icon.