Hosted service, Ubuntu - Linux for always-on scraping!

I want to have an always-on server run the extension so that all ‘triggers’ happen instantly vs. the next login.

Can Bardeen’s extension work on Linux - Ubuntu?

What options do we have at the moment for always-on in a non-local enviroment?

  • Hosted service from = when
  • VM w/Windows licence = $40-60 p/m

*If this is not possible, it sounds like running a puppeteer script server side might be a better approach…

If Linux is supported, it drops a vM to $10-15 p/m, meaning I can use the WYSIWYG scraper…

Keen to understand what’s possible.


We’re working on always-on features for Bardeen to run in the cloud right now.

@matthias is leading this project, would be cool to get you to try the beta! :smile:

On Linux-Ubuntu, Bardeen works on chromium browser, we don’t have any short term plans to land it on other browsers yet, unfortunately :sweat: