Can you use scrape a extension with Bardeen?

I have a list of websites & I’m using to get emails off the websites. It has the small extension to click then load & gives emails. Can a extension be scraped?

The other Bardeen automation workflow isn’t giving me right emails that’s why I asked.

Hi @Rye

I don’t know any succesfull cases of Bardeen scraping from Browser extensions, unforuntately.

This is a technical limitation, since you need to scrape an extension with another extension. Bardeen’s scraper can get data from the page but not the extensions.

Tagging our scraper guru @manvel to double check this.

Yet I’m curious, can you walk us though the use-case? What extension are you trying to scrape? Do you have any screenshots?

Right, @Rye can you please provide more information on what exactly are you trying to scrape? If the Snov extension adds data to a webpage it might be possible, but if you get results in a extension popup or extension specific page(page starting with chrome-extension://) then Bardeen will not be able to do that, as extension doesn’t have access to other extension internal pages similar to general web pages.

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