Problem Using Bardeen's Post Scraper in the background

I’m using “Facebook page posts (by Bardeen)” in a playbook to run it in the background.
The URL to scrape is:

On running the playbook the correct page opens fine but the scrape only completes properly if I keep this page active. If I switch to another browser page the scrape is interrupted after a few seconds. If I don’t switch to the new page at all then the scraper just captures the first post and stops. I have tried using different delays but this doesn’t help.

I have tested the “Facebook page posts (by Bardeen)” scraper on “active page” mode and everything works OK
I am using computer using Windows 8.1. Chrome is Version 109.0.5414.168 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi @rex.lucas50

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Seems like you’re having trouble with a pre-built scraper model?

Can you share the automation link? Can help us see what’s wrong.

Could it be that you’re using the “Scrape data in active tab” instead of “scrape data in the background” action?

Another thing you can try is adding a delay of 2-3 seconds to the scraper so it has enough time to load and scrape though the posts.

Hi Ivan
Here is the link:

I already tried adding delay up to 10 secs, but it did not help

Hi, Ivan and Rex!

This is also happening to my Amazon scraper. I use Bardeen Scrape in the background to scrape reviews and ratings figures only in Amazon review pages (I don’t scrape the actual reviews).

Bardeen scrapes the first few pages and then suddenly stops. I’ve been retrying for a couple of hours now but it’s not working.

This is the playbook

Hi Jordan. Does it work OK if you keep the page being scraped active?

I am having a similar problem deep scraping Zillow property listings from the initial list scrape. Both are Bardeen built scrapes and it scrapes a search list from Zillow but when it attampts to open the first listing scrape it gets stuck, and won’t open the property listing window. I have a whole tread on it on the community board with screen recordings so you can see what it looks like .

Hi @rex.lucas50

I tried the automation and it ran properly, but I did click over the background tab to check

Yet I did noticed it didn’t work running in the background because I was logged out of Facebook:

Are you sure this isn’t the case?


For @jordan1 and others who might be struggling with this, please share your automation links and reproduction steps we can check the cases.

A key question is… are you a mac user?

Because we have this issue currently on mac background scraping which might be the cause as well

Hi Jordan

Your case seems to be a bit more complex.

We need more context and a way to reproduce this, since the source data is a spreadsheet

Can you try to click on the “show results” of the scraper and check which ones are bringing results? Can be a good way to debug!