♾ Autobook: End-of-Day Text Message

Introducing the End-of-Day Text Automation – your secret weapon for unlocking peak productivity and success! A productive day starts the night before - preparing for the next day is a crucial element in achieving your goals, and this automation empowers you to do just that.

As an individual, I want to receive a daily text message at 8 PM to proactively plan and prepare for the upcoming day, ensuring better organization and foresight.

Text Includes:

  1. Weather
  2. Calendar Events (From multiple calendars)


Limitations to Note

Per this link, Twilio supports a maximum character limit of 1600 per text sent. Twilio is the integration Bardeen uses in order to complete the sending of the SMS Text Message action.

  • I could see this being an issue for the above use case when someone has a lot of calendar events the next day.
  • The Fix: A potential fix could be to send a text message per event, or send the weather in one text and the events in another text message. This will vary by each individual user.
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hey @Jess cool idea! can you share this playbook?


Awesome automation Jess! Can be very customized for each user’s objective.

Thank you @Chris, I’m still testing and will need to update to not give out my own personal number. And probably plan to only have it open for a limited time to public for free, then have it be paid.

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Thanks @ivan, I’m glad you like it!

Yes, exactly. But there are some limitations such as character limit per text.

:new: As an update on my testing, there’s been bugs found on Bardeen’s side of the integration with Twilio. Artem confirmed they will be addressed in a release after 2.25.0. Thank you for your patience!

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2.25.0 has been out since yesterday. You can check if issue has been sorted.


@Deyan_Petrov Please see above/below, will not be addressed until shortly after. Thank you.

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@artem I’ve just tested in v2.25.1 and the issue is still persisting. Any updates?

Thank you!

Reported the issue for better tracking/visibility here: SMS Message Doesn't Send When Combined with Other Actions