Please Help! Instagram Scrap!

Hi Everyone,

So, I need to extract data of links inside a deeplink of Instagram Accounts.

  1. I saved “Instagram Posts” to my “Instagram Saved” / “Instagram Collection”.
  2. I want to go to the “Instagram Profiles” of those “Instagram Posts”.
  3. From those “Instagram Profiles”, I want to go to the deeplink of those “Instagram Profile” (such as linktree etc.)
  4. I want to copy every links on those deeplinks to the Google Sheets.

Please Help!

I’m trying to build a scrap template myself for 4 hours and take me nowhere. I already read and watch the tutorials as well as posts in this community but see nothing even similar case.

Thank You.

Hi @cadiauv, welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

I’m not certain I’m following, could you please confirm if I’m understanding your use case fully?

  1. You have a list of Instagram posts saved in your “Instagram Saved”/“Instagram Collections”. Of those posts, you’d like to go into each Instagram Profile’s where you’d then like to scrape the following details from:

Thank you,

Hi Jess,

Yes, Correct!

How to extract links inside a deeplink (such as linktree etc.) ?

Awesome, thank you for confirming @cadiauv! :you_got_it_ivan_sticker:

I’ll record a video to show you how this exact use case can be accomplished!

Thank You So Much!

I really appreciate it!

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Hi @cadiauv, Here you are: Instagram Profile Detail - Websites from Saved Posts

Here’s the exact Playbook I used: Shared Playbook Template

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information.
Thank you,

If you enjoyed the assistance and feel like showing some love, you can support my work via my Buy Me a Coffee link below:

Hi Jess,

Thank You for Your Video & Your Playbook.

But I’m sorry but I need all of those links inside the deeplink, not only the deeplink itself.

For example :

  1. One of “Instagram Account” I saved on my “Instagram Saved” is (Sonaré Gaia Fine Jewelry (@sonaregaia) • Instagram photos and videos)
  2. From (Sonaré Gaia Fine Jewelry (@sonaregaia) • Instagram photos and videos), there’s a deeplink (Sonaré Gaia | Linktree).
  3. From (Sonaré Gaia | Linktree) there are :
    A. Share on WhatsApp
    B. Collection I Launch - Google Drive
    C. Sonaré Gaia | Linktree

Thus, I need A, B & C (or more or less) from each “Instagram Accounts” of “Instagram Posts” on my “Instagram Saved”.

Does that make sense?

Actually what I actually need is as advance as saving those Instagram Accounts’ WhatsApp Number to my Google Contacts (that most likely inside the deeplink in bio).

But I don’t know if that’s ever work so I just cut my manual work by half.

Thank You.

Okay that is quite the Deep-deep-deep-deeper scraper! lol

Okay I need the following information to better understand if this will work for you as there are limitations within the Scraper Templates:

  1. Do you know if ALL the website URLs on the Instagram Profiles are Linktree URLs?
  2. If they are all LinkTree URLs, do you know if they all have the three A, B, C, links you listed above?

This part is not yet possible through Bardeen, but we could probably send their number to your phone through an sms. I’m not sure if that would help at all.

Right lmao

It’s way harder (and super boring) to do it manually than said.

To answer your questions :

  1. No, many versions of deeplink other than linktree
  2. No, there are different links inside those deeplink.

I just found my original way to find leads and been manually scraping for 350 accounts lmao, I find it time consuming then I found bardeen on youtube. (And spend 6 hours until now without knowing how this work haha)

That’s why, what I need to do is just putting every links inside the deeplink of each instagram accounts from my instagram saved to google sheets, from that I save it to google contacts.

In that way I’m just cut my manual work in half lmao

But you don’t need to do this Jess, I already happy there’s someone who response.

**Sorry, unfortunately because the URLS are many different versions other than link tree - this is not possible to scrape through Bardeen’s scraper templates. **
- Bardeen’s Scraper templates are just that - templates that run from the same structured HTML on websites.

The above playbook will cut ~ half of your effort in this use case, but it cannot do it all because of this limitation.

Sure Jess.

Thank You for your help!

Sure thing! Wish we could help more!

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