Scraping Instagram Favorite Posts

I want to scrape all my Instagram favorites posts, at url: Second step, I would like to scrape more information from each favorite scraped, like thumbnail post image, post description, but I couldn’t perform the 1st step yet. Maybe on a 3rd step I could ask chatGPT or any other tool to transcribe the video posts, or print screen the carousels posts.

Intresting use-case!

Instagram is a tricky page to scrape though, I also tried and didn’t manage to get it on the first try.

To get the urls for the posts, you’ll need to use CSS selectors. These are Bardeen advanced scraping techniques you can learn at How to use Bardeen scraper | Bardeen Tutorial.

Yet, we’ll check if someone on the team is able to get those selectors :smiley:

Currently creating the video to explain everything. The book is created, will update this post when it’s done.

Hey @dkaleka I have been a bit busy and the video is not ready but here is the book and quick steps.
There will be some bonus content in the video on displaying thumbnails and getting hashtags out of the caption

  1. Go to saved Posts
  2. Run the Book
  3. Sheet where to save the Data (existing one)
  4. Tab where to save the Data (existing one)
  5. Report back and let us know if it worked
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thank you for the attention

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