Scrape Post URLs from Different Platforms & Drop to Airtable

What up guys! I’m new here.

Trying to build an automation that scraps post URLs from different platforms (Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook Business Page, Instagram & Linkedin) using Bardeen

And has URLs for posts be recorded inside an Airtable table within specific existing records -

Can I do it? Or how close can I get to being able to do it?

Anyone know?

Hi @folklore, welcome to the Bardeen Community!

This is possible with Bardeen, do you have a list of profile URLs you’re trying to scrap from?

@Jess hey! Thank you so much!

Its my own profiles I’m trying to scrape from - so not a list of different profiles :slight_smile:
What I’d love to do is scrape a list of post URLs from a single profile.
Does that make sense?

For sure, you can totally do this!

Ahh @Jess amazing! Thats what I was hoping to hear! Thank you! Are there any tutorials you can point me in the direction of to help me put this sucker together?

Good question, (sorry for being short above - I am currently Traveling)

I’d recommend watching the scraper tutorials on YouTube as you’ll need to use that action in your automation.

You could scrape all posts from each platform within one automation(playbook or autobook) OR you could create an automation per platform.

Let me know if you run into any issues, but when I return from traveling, I’ll be better able to assist you. Thank you!

Hi April,

Here is a quick video on how you can do it on Instagram. This is the playbook I created in the example below. Using a similar process to how I created the instagram scraper, you can do the same for tiktok and other platforms. You’ll need to create a different scraper and playbook for each platform as they all have different layouts.

Let me know if you need more help here. You’ll find our Ultimate Scraper Tutorial useful in creating scrapers for your different use cases.

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Ahh Vinohar - thank you so much!
That 100% helps.

I was just gonna sit down next weekend run through the whole bardeen start here guide to help get me comfy in the platform.
Still probally not a bad idea but I appreciate the shortcut!

Glad to hear it works for you.


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