How to scrape Instagram Reels?

I’ve prepared a video of building a scrape to scrape Instagram reels:

Seeing that you have to scrape posts from Instagram.

Creating my own scrape for Reels doesn’t achieve the same result.

What am I doing wrong


Hi @anubistar :wave:

To answer your questions:

  1. I don’t believe Bardeen has an Scraper template created yet for the Instagram Reels page
  2. You aren’t doing anything wrong. This is likely an issue with the container with the custom scraper template you’ve created.

I’m not at a computer right now, but I will take a look at this to help you further likely tomorrow.

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Much appreciated - chat tomorrow

Hi @anubistar - I’ve been trial/erroring for quite a while on this use case. I’m unable to pull all of the results and I cannot nail down the container selector.

Seeing if @ivan may have the answer here as I’m sure someone has tried to scrape Reels before?

Wish I could be of more assistance.
Thank you,

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Thank you for having a look Jess.

Any help would be appreciated @ivan

Hi @anubistar

Love the use-case!

Do you want to get all the urls from the IG reels?

We don’t have any pre-built templates for this, but this is a case we can probably turn into an official scraper.

I managed to find a contianer that can help unblock you

Use div [href^='/reel'] as the container selector.

Example automation:

Then you’ll be able to select the links and event the views from each reel.

PS: We recently made an event diving into master scraping for cases like this!

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