Instagram scraper - need help

Hi Community,
I’ve used the pre-built instagram scraper to scrape profiles’ data from a list of URLs. And it was working perfectly.
But today, impossible to make it work. It only returns the URL of the profiles (not the followers, following…).
I’ve tried to set-up my own scrapping template, and same result.
So i thought that maybe it is Instagram that has blocked scraping… Is that possible?
Many thanks for your help.

Hi @secretariat, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

Thank you for reaching out on this - it’s likely Bardeen will need to update the scraper on their end. It’s possible that Instagram changed the backend structure of their html that makes up the website, causing our scraper templates to be thrown off.

I’m happy to take a deeper look for you if you’re able to share the automation and link(s) you were trying to run it from?

Thank you,

Hi @Jess ,
Many thanks for your answer.
Please see hereafter the automation link: Shared Playbook Template
Please let met know if you need anything else.
Thank you

Hi there,

This happens because the scraper is trying to scrape information before the instagram profile has fully loaded. It is usually the case with a slightly slower internet connection or computer.

In order to overcome this, you can add a custom delay of 5 seconds in the background scraper action, so the scraper waits 5 seconds for the page to load before scraping. I’ve tested it with the custom delay and was able to scrape all the details from the page.

Do let us know if you’re still facing issues with this .

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Hi there.
Not really sorry. I’ve tried with 5 and then 10 seconds delay.
The scraper only scraps the URL and the handle… Not the rest.
Again, many thanks for your help.

Thank you @secretariat, when you get a chance, could you share a the public link of your GSheet?

It’ll help me troubleshoot further.

Hi Jess, please see hereafter the public link.

Hi @secretariat,

The above GSheet leads me to a Google Sheet titled “Power Bi project”. However, I’m looking for the one called “Bardeen” that is used in the automation you’ve provided above.

Thank you,

Hi Jess,
Sorry i had amended a couple of things in the playbook. The version that i’m now using is that one. Shared Playbook Template
And it is linked to the PowerBI Gsheet.
Many thanks in advance for your feedback

Thank you, and I’ll need the Google Sheet to be shared publicly. It’s view only right now:

Hi Jess,
I’ve updated the settings. You should now be able to edit the Gsheet as well.

hmmm, oddly enough I ran it without any changes and was able to return:

URL, Handle, Followers, Following, Name, Profile image, Posts, Description

Is there another issue you are running into? OR am I not understanding what’s wrong?

Hi Jess,

That’s super weird.

It wasn’t working on my side of things.

I can’t check anymore as my trial period is now over.

Do you think that there is a chance to exceptionally grant me an extension of the trial period?

I still need to do a couple of checks before asking to my boss to unlock a budget for the subscription…

Many thanks for your feedback,

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Tagging @vin_bardeen to answer @secretariat.

(I don’t work for Bardeen)

Hi there,

Your trial has now been extended ! Let me know if you need more help with this.

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Hi @vin_bardeen and @Jess ,

Many thanks for your help. I’ve just run again the automation on my side, and surprise… It’s not working. It only scraps the handle, the link to the profile picture and the description. I guess that it’s therfore the set-up on my side that cause the issue. Do you know where it could be coming from?
Many thanks

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