Error: Invalid Credits number -- account is unusable

Please see screenshot below. I cannot use my account since adding credits, and it is stopping me from doing necessary work.

Hi @yaniv.bernstein so sorry about this issue!

Is this blocking you from using all automations? How does that look like?

Can you share us some more details:

  • You had a premium account and ran out of credits, right?
  • What version of Bardeen are you using?

I’ve pushed this to our team so we can investigate, this is high priority for us.

Yes, it blocks me from using all automations.

Yes, I had a premium account that had a negative credit balance so I bought more credits. That is when the problem began.

Version is 2.28.1

See a screen recording of what happens when I try to use an automation:

2023-08-22 08.28.32

Sorry about this. We are working to resolve this ASAP. I will make sure to follow up and make sure your account is in a good standing so you can continue using it. Will also double the amount of credits you purchased (just for the trouble you had to go through). Thank you so much for your patience!

Thanks @Artem_from_Bardeen, please do let me know as soon as this is resolved :pray:

@Artem_from_Bardeen any luck?

Hey @yaniv.bernstein , this should be fixed now. Can you please confirm?

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