Creating Chapters in YouTube

I’m new to Bardeen. I’m using a script Bardeen provided for creating timecoded chapters in a YouTube video. It works like a charm, except that it creates hundreds of them, far exceeding the character limit of the YouTube description box. How do I get it to summarize more and create fewer of them?

Hi @rick, could you please share the automation? Thank you!

I found a tool that is much easier for me, but I may use Bardeen for other things. Thanks.

Nice! Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Hey @rick

I recently stumbled upon this.

Yet I see how it can get you more chapters than expected.

Bardeen still has the benefit of running in 1 click over the video, or even a list of videos. So let me show you some fixing options.

You can fix this by changing the prompt on the automation.

Or you can input the output chapters into chatgpt and ask for a shorter version

That also worked for me in a rush.

This is also good feedback for us to make chapters cover longer ranges of content.

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