Repurposing Youtube videos into written 20 seconds⁉️

Repurposing Youtube videos into written content…in 20 seconds⁉️

:gem:Here’s a gem for Youtubers and Community builders.

I’m using Bardeen to create content from our Youtube channel into our Bardeen community.

This automation grabs the youtube transcript and uses it to generate with ai a discourse forum topic.

Gets me a text with:
:point_right:TL;DR of the video
:point_right:What you’ll learn
:point_right:Who is this video for
:point_right:Link to the video

It can be changed in a bliz to work over for whatsapp groups, telegram, #Discord or slack.

Try it yourself over a Youtube video and share the output below! :grin:

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Send it to a content creator that needs to see this! Mrbreast S :eyes:

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