Creating automatic Social Media Reports into Slack

Original post from Ori Mannheim

:sob: "It’s Monday again, which means I have to write another weekly social media report.”

That’s what I used to say when starting out the week.

Until I automated the entire process using 100% AI and 0% code.

That automation is going to save me 2+ hours a month, which amounts to one day per year :exploding_head:

Thanks to Bardeen and their OpenAI integration, I created an automation that scrapes social media metrics from Metricool, the social media management platform I use.

The automation then uses AI to create a summary of metrics from LinkedIn and sends it to a Slack channel, along with a link to the full growth metrics page.

Here’s how I configured it in less than five minutes:

  • I described what I want to automate using Bardeen’s “Magic Box” (the text-to-automation feature).
  • I provided the context for the OpenAI “get a summary created by AI” section.

I clicked save and wallah!

From now on, every Monday at 9am, Bardeen will scrape data from Metricool, and summarize it using OpenAI.

How cool is that?

Disclaimer: before creating the automation, I configured the Metricool scraper manually (to select the exact data that I want to focus on).

However, it took me less than a minute so :slightly_smiling_face:

If you don’t know how to use Bardeen scrapers, make sure to check out this tutorial: How to use Bardeen scraper | Bardeen Tutorial

(Trust me, you want to learn how to scrape data, it’s like having a superpower)

Here’s the automation if you want to give it a try: Shared Playbook | Bardeen

(if you want to scrape a different website make sure to change the scraper in the ‘scrape data in the background’ section).

Having issues with configuring a scraper?

Let me know from which platform are you trying to integrate this automation; It can be Hootsuite, Later, or even FB ads.

Just let me know and I’ll help you save time with this automation :clinking_glasses:

@Orimane awesome use-case! :raised_hands: