Scrape your dashboards and turn them into reports with AI!

Last Monday of the month :point_right: time to prepare your reports!
What if you automated this process?

People constantly underestimate how fast and precise AI can interpret and communicate data.

This automation will allow you to scrape data from a dashboard and get a draft message summarizing the data into a message.

Ready to impress your team?

β†’ Get this Bardeen automation: Shared Playbook | Bardeen
β†’ Edit the first step with your a scraper for your dashboard
β†’ Customize the prompt for your case
β†’ Connect your accounts
β†’ Run the automation
β†’ BOOM!

You’ll get your data into Google Sheets, a message script on Docs and an automated message on Slack.

In this example it’s getting data from the Slack community (via Threado) to share it with our automation community.

This is a must-use automation for Community Builders!

:speech_balloon: Which dashboard would you me to try this on next?
What pages are you monitoring data constantly?

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