YouTube chapters playbook not working

Unsure how to get this to work, I just receive the message ‘Your last command returned no results’ when I try to run the playbook, or alternatively it will cycle through ‘Analysing Text’ over and over again.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I tried running the playbook and it works but it takes very long for it to complete.

I’ve highlighted this to the team and they’ll look into fixing it. I’ll let you know once this has been resolved. Thanks for your patience

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Hey Vinohar,

Thanks for your response. For me it takes no time at all to get to the error message ‘your last command returned no results’, and it seems to happen after trying to create the Google document step.

Also I’m currently experiencing another issue where Bardeen tells me I have no credits left, which can’t be correct as currently I am using a Pro account (30USD monthly and should have 2000 credits monthly) and haven’t used any credits since last month because I’m unable to. My credit amount is currently showing 170 which doesn’t make sense. Let me know if this is a user error on my end or if there is a bug associated with it? Thanks.

Kind Regards,

Chris Davies



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Hi Chris,

The team have just looked into your credits usage. You’re on the 1000 monthly credits plan (you mentioned 2000 credits in your email above, was that a typo ?) and have used up 830 credits in the current period (21 Dec 310 credits, 22 Dec : 520 credits). This is why you have 170 credits in your account

Please let me know if any of that doesn’t sound correct to you.


Customer Support -
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