Scraper/playbook stopped working


My playbook stopped working. It worked fine a few weeks ago but it stopped scraping data. My Google Sheet remains completely empty after a scrape action. I rebuilt a very basic and simple version of the playbook and scraper and it still isnt working. Can someone please have a look at this?


Hi Bob,

In order to troubleshoot I turned on “Show results” for the first action:

And it thrown this after running a copy of your playbook:

If it was working before and now it is not, the website structure could’ve changed. This means you unfortunately need to re-configure the scraper from scratch so it picks up the selectors correctly.

Please let us know if you will have any issues with that.

Thank you,

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Hey @victoria , I had already created a completely new scraper for this today. Just to rule out website changes. Created a new playbook. And deleted all cookies. But it is still giving this error :-/ Any thoughts?

Hey @victoria_bardeen,
Scraper suddenly started working again. Website glitch i presume. Anyways, thanks for your help!

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