I'm not able to run a shared automation

Hello, I try to run this playbook and it does not work: Shared Playbook Template

Works fine on my friend’s computer however. Any idea why?

Hi, I’m AFK at the moment but the first thing I would check is that your friend has given public full edit rights to the Google sheet OR has given the Google account you’ve connected your Bardeen account with full edit rights.

He has, I’m able to edit the google sheets and bardeen playbook.

The issue is when I try to run the playbook, the first part of it (which is a scraper he built) fails and gives this message.

“Scraper returned no results. Scraper hasn’t returned any data. Make sure that you are using the correct scraper template on a web page with data.”

Is the first action for scraping “scrape on active tab”?

Yes, and it is on the same tab he uses

Just ran it on mine too and it doesn’t work either (returns no results for the scraper)

Make sure he is sharing the latest version of the playbook with you.

Hi @rodrigosalgadofernan

I also just tried to pin it and shows me this

The reasons this might happen are:

  1. The person who shared this automation with you deleted it

  2. Or they clicked on the “unshare” button of the automation, and it’s no longer available.

Can this be the case?

Fix: ask them to click on “share” and try again. You should be able to access the automation now.

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