Autobooks turn off after I turn them on

Description of the issue:

All of my autobooks got turned off for some reason. When I turn them on, they are turned off again when I get back to check them after a couple of seconds. Here is the video showing the issue.

Hi @przemyslaw.bloniarz. Sorry you are running into this issue. Can you please check the frequency for me?

Also, please share the link to one of the autobooks.


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Sure, here is the link to one of the audiobooks and here is the set up of the schedule.

These audiobooks were working fine for 1-2 months.

Same situation happened to me too, as for my frequency setting, some are set on a weekly basis, some on a daily basis, and there are also those scheduled monthly, but all autobooks were turned off.

Are there any updates on this bug? I see a few different reports of the same thing and it is happening to me. I turn on the autobook (set to run daily at 4 am), click away, click back and it’s off. That totally defeats the purpose of having a schedule.