Autobook is running twice

My autobook is set to run everyday, but when I check the log, it run twice.
The log is right, I checked the automate thing, the autobook really run twice.
This happened a lot in my different autobook, and I can’t figure out why and how to fix it.
Please help!

Hi @nri.scraping can you share the automation link so we can check the autobook?

Is it running twice on the scheduled time?

Also, I have a guess it can be related to this?

Are these double records happening as soon as you activate it?

Or is it on the scheduled times.

Hi Ivan,

The two issue are separated.
You can see the first image, the two logs happened at almost the same time,
and I’m not operating at that moment.

So yes, it is on the scheduled times and run twice.

Hi Ivan,

I can did some test and I can provide you some details about the issue.

I have 25 autobook with the same scheduling everyday at different timing.

Some of them run normally, once a day as the setting:

But some of them will run twice:

And the cool thing is, when I check the log, some of them will change the behavior every day, sometimes run once, and sometimes run twice! (See the video below and focus on the date)

I even duplicate a autobook that runs twice a day (with once a day setting), and test some scenario:

  1. Manually run: run once
  2. Schedule to a different time: run once

So I strongly assume this problem is Bardeen’s bug, and I want this to be solve ASAP!
It will be good if we have a meeting, and I can show you more details!

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Hi @nri.scraping
These details are really useful!

Would you be able to share some of these automation links via DM or here?

So we can check them?

Also, what version of Bardeen are you using?

Check here
Version of the app

Hi Ivan,

Yes I’ve DM you some links!

The Bardeen version is 2.30.0

Hey @nri.scraping

You’ve shared 6 automations with complex workflows and conditionals.

For example this one has 10+ steps and a conditional flow.

And my guess is that the issues are on the logic of the automations themselves.

For instance here you’re tryin to run a conditional on weather the entire column is not empty. This will check over the entire column if there’s any values. Is this what you’re trying to do? Or check over row by row if they contain the value?

If that’s the case, consider using the “get rows from table” command.

Some notes:

  • Consider using “when a googls sheet rows” commands to trigger the autobooks instead of the “scheduled” triggers. Doing this will allow you to check for the data of the row triggered row instead of all the table.

  • Consider using our “update google sheets” command to update information, it’ll make sure you don’t duplicate rows.
    How to use Update Google Sheet rows

  • We can offer a free consulting session. Schedule it here.

After that, we also have introduced custom consulting if you’re interested, as you can see on our Pricing page.

Or you can also search for a consultant on :briefcase: Jobs and Gigs by sharing this post, and have bardeen users reach out.

This considered, I can’t see a clear bug we can reproduce here, since there’s too many actions involved and it can easily be a logic issue.

It might be a process of checking case by case on detail.

And unfortunately, these require much more context and a walkthough on your use-case, since they are not as trivial to fix.

What can we do from here?

If you can record a loom where you can walk us though the use-case, the automation and reproduce how it creates the duplicates, we can take it from there!

Hi Ivan,

Thank you so much for looking into my autobooks,
and also thank you for pointing out some mis-used steps!

And still, my major problem is the scheduled autobooks run twice at the almost same time they’ve been scheduled, and I suppose that when the autobooks will run has only set by the 1st trigger, and has nothing to do with the rest of steps of the autobooks.
Which means, no matter how I set the rest of the steps, as long as the 1st step is set right, it should run at the right time.
Please point me out if the hypothesis was wrong, or there’s any hidden rules I have to take care.

Thank you again for those detail explanation!
I’ll make an appointment of the consulting session, wish to meet you online soon!

Hi @ivan ,

I’ve scheduled the free consulting session you provided, and there’s no one there starting the meeting!
(The calendar said I should meet with Christopher)
I also try DM, Email and message him, but there’s no answer.

Please let me know how can I get a meeting with you guys, thank you!

I apologize about this confusion.

Was a miscommunication where Chris didn’t get context.

My bad.

I’d be happy to grab a call with you and check this case.

Sending you my link at DM.



Are we absolutely certain that we don’t have two Bardeen instances running. Maybe you use different browsers (Egde/Chrome/Brave?) or maybe you have Bardeen installed in two different profiles on the same browser that are active simultaneously?


Hi @Artem_from_Bardeen ,

Thank you for giving me this clue!
I’m not 100% sure if there’s other Bardeen instances running, and I didn’t aware of multiple login will cause this problem.

Do you know if there’s anyway I can see all the login session or terminate all session?

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