Closed autobook still running

I closed a scheduled autobook and it still running.

I can’t be so sure if there’s other computer also logging the same Bardeen account,
so I know there can be a chance that the autobook run at other computer,
I just need a workaround to complete stop this autobook from running.

Please tell me if these methods work:

  1. Duplicate and delete the original autobook
  2. Delete the scrape template used by the autoobook to make it invalid
  3. Other recommended way

Hi Nri, unfortunately we don’t have any way to stop an autobook in all devices.

Here’s something you can try to force stop it on all devices is to:

  1. Duplicate the automation
  2. Delete the source automation, so it can’t be run in other devices.

We have team features coming soon that will help work with others and share automations!

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