Autobook turns off immediately after being turned on - cannot keep it on

Description of the issue:

My autobook is set to run at 4 am every day. When I click the toggle to turn on / activate the autobook, it runs (which is annoying since it happens every time I turn it on even though I’ve done it like 12 times today).
Then if I navigate away from the screen and come back, the toggle is turned off. If I turn it back on, the same thing happens. No matter what, I can’t get the toggle to stay on, to the autobook will never run automatically.

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Hi Dan,

We are looking into this with the team and will get back to you. Thanks for your patience

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Hi Dan,
the Autobook you shared is configured to run w/o a repetition. That means it will run once (when you enabled it) and never again:

The Autobook will disable itself after completion, since the frequency is set to “don’t repeat”.

It sounds like you want it to run daily, so please adjust the setting like so:

I you don’t want the Automation to run immediately, you could specify a “starting at: tomorrow 4AM”.

Hope that helps, and my apologies for the quirky UX here. I guess we need to make this simpler to understand.


Aha thanks! It’s kind of confusing that it says “every day at 4 am” and there is a “don’t repeat” option…