Autobooks malfunction, Not triggered on scheduled time

Dear Bardeen Team,

I’ve encountered a situation where some of the autobooks using the deep scraper aren’t running at their scheduled times. The settings are configured as “When a scheduled event occurs, starting at 3:50 am, with a daily frequency.” These same settings have been applied to other autobooks and were working perfectly fine.

I’ve attempted to rebuild the playbooks and reschedule them for the same time, but they still aren’t functioning properly. I’m wondering if there might be issues with the website itself that are causing the autobooks to malfunction.

The website I’m currently scraping is:

If you have any suggestions or insights, please don’t hesitate to share. Thank you for being an invaluable resource to the Bardeen community and consistently helping us resolve our issues.

Does the automation run if you do so manually instead of scheduled? Are there any errors?

I manually ran it, and it worked. However, the scheduled automation didn’t run, and it didn’t appear in the history, so I couldn’t find any errors.

Is your PC/Laptop on and Chrome is running during the scheduled time?

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Yes it was, because other autobooks had generated results.

Problem Solved, thanks.

Hi Jason, what solved the issue? You happen to know what changed?

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