Want to create an automation to get company's that is looking for funding

I am looking to create automation to scrape different companies or people that are looking for funding for their business is there a way to find these type of businesses / people and to get their information

Thank you

Hi @Avi_Lang, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with this area overall, but if there is a website that contains this information, we can most likely create an automation to scrape from it.

Do you know of one? have you tried searching yourself? or are you asking the community if they know of one here?

Thank you,

HI @Jess ok so maybe i wasn’t totally clear so i want to find these people who are interested in business funds. i dont have a specife site in mine the only thing i had in mind is facebook pages and group.

thank you

I think it might best to have more details on your use case. If you have a specific link to a Facebook page or group you’d like to get information from, Bardeen can do this.

I’m not sure which website would have people who may be interested in business funding.

Hi @Avi_Lang ,

Welcome to the Bardeen community !

There are a few platforms that might have the information you need. I would check out AngelList, Seedinvest, and Seedrs.

Once you’ve found a site that has the information you need, check out our scraping tutorial to get started on building your scraper.