Scraping the complete experiences of the Linkedin profile (Including company names, roles, durations)

Hello Bardeen Community,

I am embarking on a project where I need to scrape the experience section of LinkedIn profiles, encompassing company names, roles, and durations. However, I have hit a roadblock due to the variable nature of the HTML structure of LinkedIn, which seems to fluctuate from profile to profile. The conventional methods I’ve tried so far are falling short in capturing all the necessary details consistently.

I am reaching out to see if anyone here has tackled similar challenges and could share insights or strategies.

Hey @c0546

Nice journey you’re starting there!

We have a linkedin profile scraper from Bardeen you might be able to work uppon!

Here’s how.

It can be the case that those fields are not available on our Bardeen pre-built scrapers.

It that’s the case, then you might need to refine the CSS selectors from those fields (bardeen advanced features) so you get the expected information.

We recently did 2 classes teaching about this topic, check them here: