Starting: how do i configure what details the instagram follower scraper takes?

Im using one of the template scrapers but cannot configure what information it gets. Headings ‘Handle’ and ‘Name’ get the same information but in the name i need the profile’s ‘Description’ on instagram. Any Help?
The scraper has an option to scrape ‘name’ but pulls the same information as the ‘handle’ instead of instagrams description

Hi, welcome to Bardeen!

I advise to check out our Scraping Tutorial.

Our default scrapers can’t be modified

Yet you can create your own if there’s missing fields you need.

In your case I guess you’re trying to scrape followers from a profile.

That requires 1 scraper to get the list.

Then if you need to scrape each profile, you need to do a “deep scraper” using the “scrape data in the background” action.

Here you’ll scrape all the follower’s links and use the “IG profile” scraper from Bardeen :slight_smile:

Hi @clubconnectsocials, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

You’ll likely need to extend the scraper template in order to configure more/less information it returns.

Navigate to the page you’d like to scrape from, Select New Scraper Template:

Select the Bardeen scraper model that best fits the page and select extend current model:

Your full use case is not totally clear to me, but please let us know if this helps or if you have further questions!

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